Bobasi Member of Parliament Innocent Obiri on Wednesday fired warning shots at critics.

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The lawmaker while speaking during an interview at a local vernacular radio station, Egesa Fm, confirmed his commitment to serve the people of Bobasi.

“It is very unfortunate that the people I compete with and beat them are not giving me time to serve my people well. As a duly elected Member of Parliament, I will not look back but I will ensure the people of Bobasi are represented well at the National Assembly,” he noted. 

He termed his critics lazy and confused arguing that as an MP he will work with other elected leaders irrespective of their political parties with a sole purpose of accelerating development in Bobasi.

 The legislator assured that distribution of CDF funds to various schools to improve infrastructure will be done transparently and each school in the constituency will get its share. 

“Bobasi CDF committee and I will ensure proper utilization of CDF funds, especially when allocating the monies to learning primary and secondary schools. My aim as an MP is to provide a conducive learning environment for learners and issue CDF bursaries to all without discrimination,” he added.