A section of traders in Kisii town has raised concern over blocked sewage tank at Hospital Roundabout. 

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The traders say the tank has been blocked for over three days now without any intervention from Gusii Water and Sanitation Company (GWASO) officers.

Speaking to Hivisasa on Monday, the traders accused relevant authorities for laxity risking their lives despite reports to them over the smelly sewage streaming down to Kisii-Kisumu highway.

"It has been here for the past three days and nobody is willing to bother. We fear for our health. We can't do business here. Our customers have run to other shops because of the smell," said one of the traders, Robert Orwarwa.

The bodaboda riders who have been using the area as their stage called upon the County Government of Kisii to move with speed and help them resume their business.

"Look here, all these are faeces open here in town. It's a shame to the county government. This was our stage but we have moved. We can't do business anymore. It is streaming like a river and nobody is concerned," said Aaron George Mokamba, the riders stage chairman. 

Sewerage spillage in Kisii town. [Source/Geoff Gichana] 

However, in a phone interview, GWASO director Osborn Nanga said the company will act on the issue as soon as possible.

"Kindly we will work on it as fast as possible so that business can resume to its normalcy," he said.