ODM party leader Raila Odinga's presidential shots have hitherto remained unsuccessful. 

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His first bid for the presidency was in the year 1997, he has since been defeated three more times (2007, 2013 and 2017 general elections). 

As 2022 general elections are drawing nigh, there is a fair amount of uncertainty as to the direction of Raila's political future. 

Raila has since handshake remained silent of his political ambitions making it hard to predict his political future. 

As 2022 general elections draw near, these are prospects on Raila Odinga's future: 

Exiting political stage 

The seasoned veteran of Kenyan politics may decide to hang his political boots and go to political oblivion. Age is undoubtedly catching him up. During 2017 elections, his opponents threw jibes at him for having only one bullet in his gun (of which they meant, that was Raila's last shot on presidency). 

An exit of Raila Odinga from the political scene will provide an opportunity to another budding, ambitious leaders who are equal to the task of leading this country to try their luck. 

His exit from active politics will be a blow to his supporters and country at large. Raila is an icon in Kenya's politics. Incase he hangs his political boots, he may decide to endorse and support one of his preferential candidates. 

Running for the presidential seat 

His critics have been on limelight accusing him and his ODM team for hijacking BBI and using it as a campaign tool to popularize his presidential bid ahead of 2022 elections. Raila may, after all, give his last shot on the top seat and battle it out with contestants among them the Deputy President William Ruto. 

Raila's close allies have hinted that his name will be on the ballot come 2022. However, he has been evasive on the matter and has not yet  declared his interest publicly. 

Becoming a Prime Minister 

Raila once served as Kenya's Prime Minister following the disputed 2007 elections. The infamous 'handshake' gave rise to Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) which Raila has been on the forefront popularizing. 

If BBI gets a nod from Kenyans, the government structure will experience a sudden restructuring to enhance 'inclusivity'. New posts will be introduced, among them is a Prime Minister post. 

Prime Minister, as per BBI proposal now, will be the president's appointee from the party with the majority in Parliament. 

Raila may be appointed as Kenya's third Prime Minister, however, the practicality of this will largely depend on; one, if BBI proposals get approval from Kenyans via referendum. Two, if Raila does not vie for presidential seat but instead vie for a parliamentary seat and lastly if the sitting government of which Raila will be a part to will have majority Members in Parliament.