It may sound rather weird but it's true; the world's largest soft drinks producer, Coca-cola, is eying to make soda infused with bhang. 

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According to the manufacturer, the drinks will be filled with small portions of cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive chemical found in marijuana. 

The firm, on Monday, announced the news and made it clear that it is still in talks with a related Canadian company, Aurora Cannabis Inc to develop drinks that will contain cannabidiol. 

So, just what can cannabidiol (CBD) do to your body? 

Well, for beginners, the fact that it's a conversation related to bhang(marijuana), many might think of literally getting 'high' the moment you consume the soft drink. 

But that is not the case here. CBD, as it is popularly known, is a substance found in bhang that is used in medicine for treatment purposes. 

Doctors worldwide have discovered that certain ailments, including inflammation, seizures and cramping can be cured by cannabidiol. 

Moreover, in the United States, cancer patients use medical marijuana during chemotherapy for easing vomiting and nausea.  

It, however, should be clear that bhang is illegal in some states in the US. 

Whether or not this action by Coca-cola will be accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO) remains a wait and see kind of scenario.