A group of irate protesters on Thursday took to a hotel in Mombasa where a judges' seminar was being held.

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The protesters were keen to express their anger at some judges who they accused of engaging in corruption that saw criminals released after paying bribes.

They called on Chief Justice Dr David Maraga to deal firmly with the errant judges.

Maraga wanted to talk to the protesters but he was prevented from doing so by his guards.

When he addressed members of the press after the protesters were dispersed by the police, the chief justice admitted that there were corrupt judges in the judiciary, saying that there is nowhere where there is no corruption.

Maraga said that fighting the menace of corruption should be done jointly by all Kenyans.

"The allegation if I got it well is that the judiciary is covering those... I don't deny that there could be some people in the judiciary who are involved in that just like the police who are involved. So it is something which we should face all of us jointly and deal with that," said the chief justice.

Some judges and police officers have been accused of frustrating the war on drug trafficking at the Coast.