Marriage is one of the best things anybody in the world dreams of. To have a family and settle with happily. However, there are some women who break their marriages by themselves and regret later. 

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Here are some of the things most women do that ruin their marriage;

Not taking care of their bodies

Don't think that getting married is the final thing and you leave yourself to look like a fifty-year-old woman. Take care of your body, dress well so that you attract your man more than you did when he met you.

Denying him sex

Sex is the best thing in marriage. It is the tool that creates a bond between the two of you always. When a woman denies her man sex, it is a clear sign that that marriage will fail at some time.

Neglecting to love, care and give him attention

Your love was so strong the first two to three years. But the moment you got your firstborn, things changed. The second-born came knocking things became worse. You should not show all the love for the children and forget your man. He should be like your firstborn.

Sharing your sex life with friends

Not all your friends who laugh with you really mean they are friends. There are some of your friends who are jealous of you and are not happy you are in that marriage. When you tell them all about your sex life, they may take it for granted and snatch your man so be careful about what you share with your friends.