How long have you had your phone? Are you still stuck with the same phone?

Shopping for a good phone is one of the most difficult things that Nairobi residents and Kenyans at large go through.

Most Kenyans always save and visit a number of shops comparing prices before acquiring household items that include; mobile phones, television sets, among others.

The process of acquiring technological devices in Nairobi is so complex since fraudsters have infiltrated the market making it difficult to tell the real from the fake. 

The situation has made it so dire that some Nairobians have to wait for Black Friday in November to acquire their dream phones. 

However, thanks to leading online retailer Jumia, you don’t have to wait for November to acquire your dream gadget. Jumia is running a Mobile week from March 22nd to March 31st. 

The Mobile Week campaign is one of the company’s tier 1 campaigns; essentially, Mobile Week is at the same level as Black Friday in terms of just how good the deals are. 

A person using a phone. [Source/Alex Nemo Hanse on Unsplash]

A lot of cellular products are on offer at amazing discounts, some even beating Black Friday deals.

The mobile week provides you with the best opportunity to upgrade and get your dream phone. 

You don’t have to save and wait months, just download the Jumia App and enjoy lucrative offers.

During the week, the retailer will have 25 flash sales and 2 Gold rush hunts where you can acquire one of the best phones of 2019 ( Samsung Galaxy S10) at only 10 bob.

Details on how to get the Samsung Galaxy S10. [Source/Jumia]

Don’t be left out, download the Jumia mobile app to enjoy these crazy offers.

This is the time to get that phone.

To download the app, please visit Google Play and select Jumia, and stand a chance to get a Samsung Galaxy S10 at 10 bob tu!