Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has reacted to a viral clip on media that forced Nairobi Women Representatives Esther Passaris to move out of podium on Madaraka Day celebrations. 

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On Sunday, Sonko clearly explained what happened pointing out that he respects women.

According to Nairobi Boss, Passaris had made several allegations against him forcing him to reply. Sonko claimed that Passaris questioned him on delayed approval of the site where her projects are to be constructed

"However, I want to state here that the Women Rep has never submitted proposed building and structural plans where the projects are to be constructed. She just wants us to approve the projects without any plans. There's no way we can operate with impunity." Sonko noted in facebook 

Furthermore, the city boss revealed that through the same podium he had clashed with her, Passaris accused Sonko over going to media to expose his numerous title deeds. 

He also claimed Passaris had questioned his generosity saying the money Sonko gives are proceeds of corruption. She also touched on recent Sonko's act to distribute relief food to Turkana residents. 

"Since all these allegations were made against me on the same podium I had the right of reply on that same podium. I, therefore, made it clear that as the Goodwill ambassador in Kenya.

"I will not relent on my generosity towards the poor and needy people not only in the city of Nairobi but across the country. That did not mean that I demeaned the Women Rep who unfortunately walked out of the celebrations before they were over," Sonko added.