The heart is particularly the most important organ of the body alongside the brain. This should give you a reason enough to take care of it as perfectly as you can.

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Here are 3 habits that damage the heart;

1. Being inactive

An inactive body harbours numerous diseases and health complications. Well being of your heart depends on how active you keep your body. 

Being inactive here means not exercising your body. The best gift of health you can give to your body is working out or doing some morning and evening jogs. 

2. Sitting all day

People who work in offices from morning to evening have high risks of heart failure. Studies have found that an idle body could cause serious problems to the heart. 

For the people with office jobs, you are advised to take a 5 minute walk every hour. This can keep your arteries flexible and blood flowing properly.

3. Getting overly stressed

When you are stressed, your body produces cortisol and adrenaline which are stress hormones. These hormones increase heart rate and blood pressure. 

The elevated heart rate and blood pressure can damage vessels in the heart increasing your chances of getting stroke or heart attack.