The political scene is being stirred left, right and centre in a bid to realign the 2022 presidential race. 

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President Uhuru Kenyatta will exit the scene after serving for ten years, and his successor is a subject that keeps many people guessing. 

Recently, there have been sentiments from influential leaders that may shape the course of our politics. Jubilee Party Vice-chairman David Murathe has begun an onslaught against Deputy President William Ruto. 

On the other hand, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria is talking about underdevelopment in President Uhuru’s backyard. Kuria’s statements should not be ignored. 

The reason for this is that voters now are awake to the fact that they are being used by the political elites to further their interests. 

The populist agenda fronted by Kuria has already drawn people into believing that they are better off being in the opposition rather than in government. 

In Rift Valley, maize farmers, who form a junk of the population, are decrying of neglect from the government they overwhelmingly voted for. 

Right at the centre of the scandal, allegedly, is a leader they look up to solve their problems rather than create them. It is the assurance from the leaders that our communities will always vote for them, however, they neglect them development wise. 

For that reason, William Ruto has numerous times, visited opposition strongholds in a charm offensive. A harsh critic would say that he reserves his backyard for funerals and fundraising, and the rest, he reserves it for development. 

As a result, Moses Kuria’s statement could wake up the electorate and demand what they deserve from their leaders, not only the president but right up to the Members of County Assembly (MCAs). 

The losers in the current government seem to be those who voted for it. The rest of the country are enjoying ‘development’ in form of 2022 charm offensives. 

It is time to move away from ethnic politics and embrace development based politics that does not favour which side voted for the government and which did not.