Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has been for years considered one of the most stylish politicians in the country.

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His lifestyle has always sparked debates online, with most Kenyans praising his good look.

Joho's fashion, clean-cut hairstyle and well-taken care of beard have always been on point until Tuesday when his other look emerged online, putting his barber George Dufanda on the spot.

Dufanda, who is a Congolese has been the one giving Joho the good look with fine haircuts.

However, on Tuesday, when the governor accompanied President Uhuru Kenyatta to inspect the ongoing restoration of Kibarani dumpsite, Joho's 'behind the scene' photo, was shared on social media platforms.

From the photo, Joho's new hairstyle had tampered with his usual good look. The photo was a source of all kind of humour, with some Kenyans saying it might be because the governor had changed his barber, underpaid him among other assumptions.

Others assumed that maybe Joho was not prepared for the occasion thus forgetting to put his hairstyle in check.

Here are the photos eliciting reactions on Twitter. [Source/Bruce/@ngwata_]

Here some of reactions from Kenyans over Joho's new look and hairstyles.

"Are Mombasa barbershops on a go slow," Bruce posed a question which as also served as a caption to the said Joho's  haircut 

While Kenyans are asking endless questions about Joho's hairstyle, chances that nothing happened with his hair.

This is because most of the pictures he has been sharing on his social media platforms only show his face and not the back of his head.

He has also been covering his head in several occasions, which might indicate the caps have been covering up everything.