Ugenya parliamentary race which was a battle between Chris Karan whose August 2017 election was annulled by the Supreme Court and his predecessor David Ochieng', was recently joined by a new candidate.

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Executive Director of Global Peace Foundation Daniel Juma has joined in as the third candidate for the race.

Juma who claims to be a formidable candidate is trying to be smart by claiming that he is the neutral candidate in the race, considering that he hails from Ukwala which has never produced leaders for the region.

He argues that Karan's Ugenya West and Ochieng's East Ugenya backyards have both enjoyed the seat, and it's now the turn of the Ukwala region to take over.

He added that both leaders have failed, and it's his time to prove that the region can actually get good leadership with the backing of the electorate.

“Through my networks, I want the youth to acquire entrepreneurship skills. Karan has been tried and tested. We have seen no Bills in the Parliament, no maiden speech and no representation from him. His performance is below par. The court case is an excuse he was using for underdevelopment,” he told the Saturday Standard.

It's not yet clear the ticket Juma will use to seek the seat after the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party threw its weight behind Karan and affirmed that it won't be holding party primaries.

Ochieng', on the other hand, will seek to regain his lost seat on his Movement for Democracy and Growth (MDG) party.