Kiwi is a fruit with high amounts of antioxidants, Vitamins C and E as well as fiber among other nutrients hence making it a beneficial fruit to one's health and it also results to a glowing complexion.

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Here are ways in which kiwi is good  for one's skin;

1. Fights acne

Due to its high content of anti-oxidants, kiwi is suitable in fighting acne. Smash kiwi and add few drops of lemon juice and apply to the area of your skin with acne. Allow it to stay for few minutes then wash with clean water. This also helps in controlling sebum production hence giving your skin a fresh glow.

2. Makes the skin younger

The anti-oxidants and vitamins especially vitamin E in this fruit delays your aging signs such as wrinkles and age spots. They also neutralize free radicals that damage healthy cells which result to ageing signs.

3. Keeps you safe from the sun

Kiwi contains amino acids which together with vitamin C protects your skin from sun damage. You can also apply slices of kiwi on sunburned skin for relief and treatment.

4. It's an effective facial cleanser

Vitamin C found in kiwi fruits helps in effectively cleaning the face. Apply kiwi fruit extract as face mask on your face and allow it to rest for around 20 minutes or overnight and wash it off. Your face will have a fresh and appealing complexion.