The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union chairman (KMPDU) Dr Samuel Oroko has encouraged residents to do regular check-ups in health facilities to avoid spread of preventable and manageable diseases that can be done at earlier stages.

KMPDU held a two day free medical camp in Nyamira where the chairman noted that many residents were shocked on the discoveries of life style diseases.

Among the worst findings, he noted, were for women who were found to be ailing from stage 4 cervical cancer which he said only needed to be taken through sessions on how to manage it by specialists as it had gone to advanced stage.

“In our two day free medical camp organized with our partners, we discovered that our people are not taking their lives seriously, they rarely go for check-ups. 

"Many of our clients were shocked on realizing they have been ailing all along, with four of our mothers having stage 4 cervical cancer. This is an indication that either the check-up is expensive or we are not taking it seriously”, said Oroko.

The union set Igena Itambe dispensary as a cancer screening center where he urged all county residents to visit the facility for cancer screening.He said the disease can be managed at earlier stages if detected in time.

 “We have resorted to set the newly built Igena Itambe dispensary as a cancer screening centre and we are urging our people to embrace the opportunity and go for screening,cancer can be managed at earlier stages”, he noted.

He said more of the free camps would be brought to reach many people at the grassroots who find it expensive to seek the services at the hospitals.