Even as President Uhuru Kenyatta tries to be the best President Kenya needs, some elements of his team still find the kind of job he is trying to embark on unfit. 

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Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria and his Bahati counterpart Kimani Ngunjiri were indeed a wrong choice by voters following the recent saga they have caused in the country after they raged anger to the President. 

Moses Kuria condemned Uhuru for launching development projects in other parts of the country while 'abandoning' the central region. 

Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri backed Kuria's sentiments calling for the impeachment of the president to give way for election.

President Kenyatta who gets angered easily had to launch a counterattack to the duo terming them "'washenzi". 

In my opinion, the president was right to called this people "'washenzi" for being against his plans to develop the entire nation and not his home region as the two leaders demand. 

Back to my point, Kimani Ngunjiri and Moses Kuria were not really a good choice by the voters being that they are only interested in the development of their regions. 

The best phrase to describe them is 'selfish leaders'.

President Kenyatta is trying as much as he can to leave behind a legacy of equal development.

Earlier, the Mount Kenya region people claimed they contribute about 60 percent of the country's GDP. The question is how can they manage this if the region is actually underdeveloped? 

President Kenyatta had resolved to leave behind a remarkable legacy of developing the country and therefore the two leaders should set selfishness aside and let him do his work.

He can launch as many projects as he can and in the regions he chooses as long as the development is uniform.

A true Kenyan leader whether President, Governor, Senator, MP or MCA is one who supports national development.