Eye health is very crucial and maintaining it reduces the visits to the optician's office. It is very important to take precautions on the things that might result in the damage of the eye hence hindering participation in daily activities.

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Even though your eye doctor will be ready to help you, there are things he/she might not disclose to you but you ought to know.

These are;

1. Drinking plenty of water is beneficial for your eye health

To achieve and maintain good eye health, you ought to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. This makes your eyes lubricated thus reducing any risk of getting dry or irritated.

2. Regular eye tests could save your life

Most people attend the optician's office when they have a problem with their eyes. Undergoing eye tests even if you are not having a problem with your eyes can greatly help in monitoring your overall health. Some of the health conditions that can be monitored by eye health and in turn be managed are diabetes, glaucoma, high amount of cholesterol among others.

3. Contact lenses and water could damage your eyes

Using contact lenses for a prolonged period of time can affect your eye health and also handling them with unwashed hands or washing the lenses directly with tap water or even by cleaning them after placing them on your mouth can be risky to your eyes.

This is because your hands, the tap water and moisture from your mouth can be containing germs which lead to eye infections. Ensure also you do not go swimming with your contact lenses on.