Going on a first date for women is usually a terrifying moment for them. Most of them get terrified since they don’t know what to expect or even how the date will turn out to be. 

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Among all the things, there are things that women get worried about when it comes to first dates. Here are some of the things about the first date that worries women;

1. What to wear

When it comes to the choice of dressing, this is what affects most ladies. Women are affected as they tend not to be sure of what they should wear on that special day. For that reason, it is not something new finding a woman preparing his dressing days early before the main day of the date.

2. Will the restaurant be cool?

Another terrible factor that affects most women is whether the chosen restaurant will impress her. This is usually a terrible moment as one finds herself wasting a lot of time trying to imagine the type of restaurant or place that she will be taken to.

3. Will he make the first move?

When going on a first date, one expects anything to happen between them. Since most guys are afraid of being rejected, most of them are always worried about whether the lady will make the first move and as a result, this also affects most women.