Opposition leader Raila Odinga is partly to blame for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party's loss in the concluded Ugenya parliamentary by-election.

The party remains dazzled after its candidate Chris Karan lost his seat to Movement for Democracy and Growth (MDG) aspirant and former MP David Ochieng.

Though it is said that Ochieng won as a result of his development record, the party will have to question Raila for his decision to keep off the campaigns.

It is worth noting that Raila never set foot in the county during the campaigns and instead left the job to his lieutenants who, as it appears now, were not able to do the job.

Being his bedrock where he draws most of his support, Raila's appearance in the campaigns would have tilted the results in favour of Karan who has been in office for only one year.

His presence would have made the people vote just for his sake but his decision to stay in Nairobi must have made him appear not interested or not in support of Karan.

He should have swallowed his pride and stuck around to plead with the people to support his candidate, as he did in Migori last year, where the senatorial race was far tougher.

Raila has a unique convincing skill which his allies who led the campaigns seem to lack and he should have used it to ensure that Ochieng doesn't penetrate to Parliament.

His main blunder was to stay away and give the people the space to make a different decision. He should have convinced them to support the ODM candidate and his presence in the rallies and campaigns would have realised this. 

His absence cost ODM the seat.