Nakuru-Nairobi Highway near Stem Hotel in Nakuru has been temporarily closed.

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The police made this call after an oil truck spilled oil on the road. 

The police considered it dangerous for other road users as the road was slippery hence prone to accidents by drivers who have no idea of the oil spill. 

Nakuru East Police Commander Elena Kabukuru has argued motorists to use other routes created as the spill is being cleared. 

Several fire brigades and police officers are at the scene clearing the spillage. Others are helping to clear traffic using the alternative route created. 

More so, the police are making sure no members of the public move close to this area in a bid to collect the spilled fuel. 

"Officers are on the ground to avoid incidences of locals siphoning petrol from the tanker," said Nakuru East Police commander Elena Kabukuru as quoted by Standard. 

Last week, a fuel tank explosion killed at least 60 people at Morogoro in Tanzania.

10 years ago, an fuel tank explosion at Sachangwan in Nakuru County caused the death of many people who had rushed at the scene to collect fuel.