Chiefs and their assistants in Kisii County found demanding bribes from locals applying for National Identification Cards will be sacked. 

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Kisii County commissioner Godfrey Kigochi warned that the local administrators will not be spared for engaging in corruption. 

"Chiefs and their assistants across the county must stop frustrating locals seeking IDs and other documents such as birth certificates. The ID forms should be issued to locals by chiefs for free," he said on Wednesday in Kisii town.

The county security boss appealed to residents to report chiefs asking for bribes to police or directly to his office for necessary action to be taken against them. 

Kigochi said chiefs should not under any circumstances work with brokers at the ID issuance offices. 

He said every resident who has attained the required age to get the ID should be allowed to do so. 

"Chiefs don't buy the ID forms, therefore, they should not sell the forms to residents. Any chief who does not get satisfied with his or her salary will be sacked without mercy," stated the commissioner. 

Kigochi assured that police officers will camp at the ID issuance offices to flush out brokers who also con people in the name of helping them to get the documents faster.