Police are investigating an incident where a body of 11-year girl old was found dumped at Mois’ bridge railway station Wednesday morning.

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According to Soy sub-county OCPD Fanuel Nasio, the girl was allegedly defiled, strangled then her body thrown in a bush.

“I want to confirm that on Wednesday morning we found a body of an 11-year-old girl who had been sent by her mother to buy supper at Mois’bridge on Tuesday at 6:00 Pm but unfortunately she did not come back only to find her dead,” said Nasio.

Nasio who spoke to the press at Mois’ bridge police station on Wednesday said police are investigating to determine what happened and those involved would be sought.

“For now, we are suspecting that the girl was defiled then struggled, but we have started through investigations to determine what happened and those involved in the heinous act,” added the Soy Subcounty OCPD.

He further said that no suspect has been found but they are following a lead that will help them arrest those involved. The body was taken to Kitale Referral Hospital awaiting postmortem to determine what killed her.

He further warned parents against sending their children to the market at late hours saying they are putting their lives in danger and such incidents can happen to them.