Garissa Governor Ali Korane's wife Fardosa Osman has raised an alarm over what she terms as high cases of gender-based violence against women and girls in Garissa and larger North Eastern region.

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Osman argues that women are silently suffering from gender violence.

Speaking at the Garissa GK Prison on Saturday, the Garissa County  First Lady said oppressive cultural practices among the pastoralist communities is aiding violation of women rights.

"Gender violence against women is still rife among the pastoralist communities and it is time as leaders came  together to stamp it out," Osman said.

The Garissa County First Lady further decried high cases of early marriages among the clans.

She said that young girls are being married off to older men in the process denying them education and other basic rights.

Osman also complained over increased cases of Female Genital Mutialtion (FGM).

She alleged that FGM is being perpetuated on the watch of some local government officials.

"No society in the world has made meaningful progress if it does not put special focus on women and girls," she added.

Osman urged elected leaders to champion the rights and interests of women and girls.

She at the same time asked the government to take action against local chiefs who are allegedly abetting FGM and other  social evils against women.