Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris has found herself on the receiving end after a fiery response to a tweep.

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This came after a user who goes by the name Imani questioned the legislator on what she had done for her constituents.

"Esther, we elected you to fix those things you’re talking about. It’s been nearly 2 years, what institutional changes have you proposed so far?" Imani posed.

This didn't go well with Passaris who responded in a fiery manner that caused outrage among Kenyans on Twitter. 

In her response, she termed Imani as a two-year-old toddler saying she not the Women Rep to fix everyone's problem. She added that the user should think twice when voting during the coming election.

"What would I expect from a two year old (sic)? #TemperTantrums #TerribleTwos If you expected me to fix it all because you elected me, you expected far too much amid all the 'confusion'. I can't fix what you yourself don't aspire to fix. Next time you vote. Think twice. Think issues," she responded.

Her outrageous response has attracted mixed reactions with a big number of tweeps mocking her. 

A section of Kenyans went further to propose scrapping off the Woman Rep seat saying that those elected are of no good.