Kamba women are men’s choice when it comes to relationships. They are women who will never let you down at any cost in a relationship. Earning their trust has been not that easy for many men. There are things that will make them trust you if you do to them.

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Here are three of them:

1. Introduce her to your family and friends

Kamba women are always serious whenever they are in a relationship. They understand the true meaning of being someone’s woman and introducing her to your family member and your friends will earn you her trust. Always be careful when dealing with one of them, you can depend on them for love.

2. Start friendship with her

Friendship is the best foundation for a perfect relationship. It’s what determines the future and if the two can make it together. Most Kamba women love men who know how to nurture their trust in a relationship. Someone they can rely on whenever they are in need. Be her good friend and she will fully trust you with her love .

3. Be real in front of her

Women like associating with men who are true to themselves. Men who cannot pretend to win their hearts with lies. This is because they don’t want to regret giving someone their trust. Trust is what they believe makes a relationship stronger.