US Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter has weighed in on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) debate amid rising political temperatures in different parts of the country.

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Speaking on Saturday in Bungoma, McCarter asked leaders not to hijack the report for their selfish gains.

The envoy said that some of the leaders want to take advantage of the report to reinvent themselves politically as they plan for 2022. 

McCarter said that he is fully behind a people-driven process, adding that unity is important for the realization of a better Kenya. 

“The United States expects an honest conversation among all Kenyans and a process that’s not hijacked by a section of politicians,” he said, according to Standard. 

The envoy argued that there is a need for an honest discussion on the BBI report if leaders want to transform the nation for the better.

He also said that is normal for leaders to have varied opinions but that should not be the starting point for division among Kenyans. 

McCarter pleaded with leaders to root for national unity as the discussion on the implementation of the report continues all the nation. 

“Sometimes the conversation may be difficult and the politicians might not agree but that is democracy,” he said, adding the US backs the process to the latter.