Royal Media Services-owned Inooro TV was ranked the best vernacular TV station by a GeoPoll survey that was released last week.

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According to GeoPoll data covering the period between February 1 and February 14, 2019, Inooro TV is ranked position seven where it ties with the State broadcaster, KBC, with both having a total market share of four per cent.

It is the only vernacular and Kikuyu TV station to make it to the top 10 leaving all the other stations outside the top 10 to split among themselves the meagre 19 per cent allocated to 'others'.

But what makes the station that was was launched almost four years ago to consistently rank above its closest competitors Kameme TV, Njata and the recently launched Mt Kenya TV?

1. Women programming

According to the same GeoPoll survey, Inooro TV was among the top 10 TV stations that had more female viewers than male.

This can perhaps be attributed to its popular women-oriented programmes.

Inooro TV has a variety of Indian and Mexican telenovelas translated in Kikuyu which have become very popular among rural folks more so women.

2. In-depth news reporting

The station has since early last year been airing a sequence of investigative reports that can be likened to the once popular KTN news program, 'Jicho Pevu'.

These stories that expose among other things injustices, corruption and various forms of abuse command a huge following among the station's Kikuyu audience.

3. Entry strategy

It is often said that the momentum that a bird flies with is what keeps it on air. 

Similarly, the strategy that Inooro TV used to launch into the crowded Kikuyu TV market has managed to keep it way ahead of its pioneer and incoming rivals.

Some critics argue that the station is a Kikuyu version of its successful sister-station, Citizen TV.

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