Sometimes you may lack money to purchase shoe polish and feel ashamed to walk with your shoes ugly shoes. But never worry, below are alternatives of shoe polish that will work better;

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Olive oil

Olive oil is commonly known for its medicinal values, but it is also a good shoe polish friend. Apply some drops of olive oil to your shoes and rub it on them. Your shoes will look so shiny.

Petroleum jelly

Apply petroleum jelly to the shoes and by the use of a dry cloth, wipe it softly and you will have them look so shiny.


Pill a potato and rub it on your shoes. Before the potato juice dries up, rub it with a soft cloth and the result will amaze you.


Sprinkle some drops of paraffin on your shoes and scrub them with a soft cloth smoothly and have you shoes shine like you polished them with shoe polish.

Banana peel

Get the banana peel and scrub your shoes with the inner part of it. Then clean it with a tissue paper or a dry soft cloth and have your shoes look amazing.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has many uses and making your shoes shine is one of them. Apply a good amount of coconut oil to your shoes and scrub them with a dry cloth.


Cut an orange and squeeze it to obtain the juice. Apply the juice on your shoes and leave it to stand for an hour. Use a dry cloth wipe them or brush them.


Dap some alcohol on your shoes and wipe them using a cotton or cloth then use a soft rug to make them shiny and obtain reflection.


Toothpaste works best on shoes that are white in color. Rub your shoes with toothpaste using a soft brush. Then use a rug to buff them to look shiny.