Which is your favorite sleeping position? The way you sleep reveals a lot about you. 

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There are different sleeping habits that are good for your health while others are not. It is common to find persons who sleep while covering their heads. 

Here are three deadly things that could happen if you sleep while covering your head.

1. You risk suffocation

Covering your head while you sleep may cause suffocation. 

There is need for free circulation of air whenever you are sleeping. 

When you sleep with a blanket over your head, the chances of air circulating freely become minimal. 

Avoid sleeping with a blanket over your head to avoid suffocating in the middle of the night.

2. You risk breathing in bacteria

 Blankets and other comforters are not always clean. 

A good number of us tend to breathe in bacteria when we decide to sleep with blankets over our heads. 

Avoid this if you do not want to inhale bacteria into your system.

3. Can Trigger Sleep Apnea

 Have you ever experienced a pause in breathing while asleep? This is what is referred to as sleep apnea.

 It commonly occurs when you sleep while covering your head.