Attempts by over 3,300 people evicted from the Masai Mau complex late last year, to re-access the forest through a court order have been thwarted by a Nakuru court.

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The petitioners had sought conservatory orders to have the government compelled to allow them back to their homes in the forest.

In an earlier application, through their lawyer Kimutai Bosek, the petitioners claimed they are legal land owners with ownership documents, and should be allowed back to their land.

The lawyer told a 3-judge bench that the government only sought the cancellation of 600 tittle deeds, yet over 3,000 people were evicted from the forest.

"The evictees are land owners with title documents issued to them by relevant land office. A title deed is a powerful land document,” said Bosek.

However, the bench comprising Justices Sila Munyao, Ongondo George and Mohammed Kullow on Tuesday dismissed the conservatory orders application.

They said the group will remain outside the forest until the case where they are arguing to be holders of valid land ownership documents is heard and determined.

“Application is dismissed with costs. A similar application had been filed, heard and determined and our hands are tied, cannot sit on an appeal," Justice Munyao said in the joint ruling.

The state has since proceeded to plans trees in the formerly inhabited parts of the forest in a bid to rehabilitate it.