Tongue bumps are common among people and are brought about by numerous factors. Your tongue can reveal to you a lot of things about your health. 

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Here are the causes of the condition you need to know as highlighted on medical news today

1. Cancer

Bumps on your tongue could mean that cancerous cells are developing in your mouth. It will be a nice idea if you consult a doctor and explain to him or her about the bumps. He or she will tell you if it is cancer or not.

2. Tuberculosis

This is a contagious disease that afflicts the respiratory system particularly the lungs. Among the known signs of this disease is the development of sores on the body. The sores can appear anywhere on the body including the tongue. 

3. Syphilis 

This is a sexually transmitted disease associated with numerous health risks. There are so many signs of syphilis like the pain in the genitals and basically bumps on the tongue.  Tongue bumps due to syphilis are rare, however, they could at times mean that you have syphilis.