While Football is a beautiful game with a lot of followers, it’s becoming a nightmare in Kisumu. 

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Recently, lightning allegedly struck a footballer out of blue in Busia when he was celebrating his goal in the quest for MCA tournament. 

The rumors later had it that the incident wasn’t natural as the opponent team had visited the Kisumu sorcerer who had planned for that to happen.

Well, that happened in Busia and not in Kisumu. 

However, the worrying thing is that some footballers think that the same sorcerer is managing some of the Kisumu teams since he resides in Dunga.

“We have seen these things. Dead and dried rats at the goal posts. The ball can hit the goal posts as many times but you won’t score. People are afraid to score especially in serious games. I hope the incident in Busia won't repeat here,” said George Nyongesa who plays for Kisumu City Stars.

William Maloba who plays for Kisumu Polytechnic had almost the same views as he expressed his worries.

“You might not know what will happen to you in that field. You just pray to God. There is a lot of witchcraft right now in football. I hope it's not thundering this time around,” he said.

To them, it seems witchcraft is finding its way into football and soon, football matches will be predetermined before the actual games.