In the current era, online dating has grown rampantly. There is a good number of married couples who happen to have met through online platforms. However, we have a group of people that have succumbed to falling into traps thinking that someone is interested in them. 

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A romance scam is something that rises daily. However, there are better ways that one can save themselves from such scandals; here are 3 ways to avoid romance scams.

1. Do not overshare

Whenever you meet someone online, it is important to mind what you share with them. Avoid people that ask personal questions, such as your date of birth, your mother’s name, and other questions since you will be endangering yourself. No one has a right to knowing some personal detail about you not until you get to know him or her well.

2. Do ask question

Since he or she is the one that inboxes you first, make sure that you ask them questions if you like them. Make sure that you ask questions that will easily help you know his or her intentions towards you.

3. Trust your gut

Since you don’t know the person on the other side, it is important to trust your gut. If your gut tells you to avoid him or she then does it. Don’t force yourself doing something that you are not comfortable with since you may regret it later.