A family of an elderly man who was arrested in Mandera County has expressed shock after the 53-year-old man sold all his property and gave the proceeds to a church.

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Backstone Agaro, who works as a carpenter, is said to have sold everything and was living in miserable conditions.

Kennedy Agavishi Mulombe said his uncle has been attending the Ministry of Holiness and Repentance which is led by Prophet David Owuor.

Mulombe said his uncle’s behavior started changing and he would take all his daily earnings from his work to the church.

According to nation.co.ke, Agaro’s sudden behavior surprised his family members as he would rarely eat or talk to anyone.

“My uncle has been attending Bishop Owour’s church but his behavior has surprised us. My uncle would take all his daily earnings from his carpentry shop to the church and he rarely eats or talks to anybody,” said Mulombe.

Mulombe said Agaro would visit several places on grounds that he is preaching the gospel after being sent by God but would end up alone in many of the towns.

“My uncle travels a lot on grounds that he has been sent by God to go and preach but he ends up seated lonely in many of the towns he travels to. Police at Bahati helped us take him to Mathari Hospital (Nairobi) but health workers were on strike and we returned home,” added Mulombe.

Agaro was arrested last week in Mandera County and arraigned in court on suspicion that he was on his way to join Al-Shabaab militants.

The court on Monday, however, released him for lack of evidence after investigations by ATPU officers revealed that Agaro did not have any links with terrorists.