Puntland soldiers backed by Kenya Defense Forces troops on Tuesday recaptured a town in South Bosaso in Somalia, three days after it was taken over by Al-Shabaab militants, reports have indicated.

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On Sunday, the armed militants were pictured in Bosaso at Af-Urur village celebrating take over after the exit of Puntland soldiers, who have been manning the region.

It could not be immediately established by the soldiers opted out. In 2017, Al-Shabaab militants killed over 48 soldiers in the region.

"Al-Shabaab fighters moved into Af-Urur village in Galgala mountains, SW of Bosaso after Puntland forces withdrew earlier Sat for undisclosed reasons - sources. Af-Urur was a military base for Puntland. It was the scene of June 8, 2017 attack which left 48 soldiers dead," Voice of America journalist Harun Maruf tweeted.

On Tuesday, reports Maruf, Puntland soldiers with KDF stormed the town and flushed out militants who had already occupied the territory. No casualties were reported though.

"Puntland and KDF forces retake Af-Urur village in Galgala mountains from Al-Shabaab just three days after the militants moved into the area," he wrote.

The strategic take over of the town came just hours before Kenya closed her border with Somalia in Lamu over alleged smuggling of sugar and other contraband. The Lamu entry has been insecure since 2011 when Al-Shabaab kidnapped an Italian tourist.

KDF has liberated a number of towns ever since moving to Somalia with Afmadow and Kismayo being some of the major gains. The latest liberation is yet another milestone for the AMISOM troops.