A man was electrocuted in Kisii County at a spot where his neighbour had illegally connected electric cables for household use.

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This happened on Monday morning when the late was cutting nappier grass and unfortunately came into contact with the live wires that were suspected to be illegally connected. 

The victim died on the spot.

The area Assistant chief Esther Bochere confirmed the incident and said that the death was caused by the poor connection of the electric wires. 

According to Bochere, this was due to the tiny wires that were found on the crime scene.

"Immediately after the action, the suspected neighbour who illegally connected the wires, disconnected the wires and went into missing," reported a source.

A week ago John Guda, a South Nyanza Province regional manager, said that the company has lost Sh70 million in illegal connections. 

These illegal connections have made some residents in the county remain without power for a period of more than a month, while others lose their lives due to the shock from the electricity.

In the past month, a couple of people have lost their lives due to electricity. it is a week ago when a man also lost his life after stepping on a live wire at a construction site.