Pastor Ng'ang'a's Neno Evangelism church made headlines when he 'delivered' gospel artist Rose Muhando from what seemed to be 'tormenting demons'.

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The unexpected incident came into the limelight when a video of the same was shared online, spreading like a bushfire. It all started when Pastor Ng'ang'a called on stage the unexpected visitor.

The 'Nibebe' hitmaker is one of the few names respected in the gospel industry, making it hard for her fans to believe she had been tormented by 'demons' as it unfolded in the video.

Pastor Ng'ang'a called Muhando on stage before revealing to his congregation how he had to convince the singer to attend his church service.

The 'Man of God' went ahead to do a deliverance prayer which left Muhando under the influence of the 'Holy Ghost'. 

She started speaking at the top of her voice, revealing what she was going through.

"Ni meneja wake ndio alituma sisi, alitutuma tukachukua gari lake, na tumemtoa nyumbani miezi mitatu asirudi nyumbani tena, (her manager sent us and we took her car, we forced her from home)," said Muhando.

After the drama-like incident, people perceived it differently. Others were saying Ng'ang'a used the singer's problems to publicize his name and church while others suggested that singer wanted to get attention from her fans before releasing a song. 

Indeed a song dubbed 'Watangoja' was released thereafter which left many Kenyans saying "God will never forsake his people" after seeing what the artist went through in the name of prayers. 

Interestingly, Ng'ang'a's Neno Evangelism church might need expansion. In recent Sundays, it has been parking to capacity with members traveling as far as from Migori County to seek special prayers from 'man of God'.

"Migori watu wengi wangependa waje but hawana fare, kama watu wa Tanzania wanafika, Migori ni umbali gani," said Otieno. 

He had traveled overnight to catch the Sunday service at the church where he revealed that many of the residents in his county would like to attend the service.