Some people have misguided ideas on how they can gain respect in their workplace. 

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The way you present yourself says a lot about you in life. You need to understand that each opportunity presents you with a challenge. Some co-workers are hard to deal with but you should respect them as well. 

Here are ways to gain the respect of your co-workers: 

1. Be self-confident

Self-confident people inspire their colleagues at work. Make sure you show how passionate you are while at your place of work. Do not allow your job to change your character in totality. In other words, maintain your real nature all the time.

2. Avoid procrastination

Never postpone your duties. Failure to beat deadlines will make you differ with your colleagues at work. Ensure you complete each task you are given in a good time. 

3. Stay away from gossip

Gossiping is common in most workplaces. Do not waste time gossiping about your coworkers. It is not a good idea to talk negatively about those in your life. There are important things you can talk about than differing with co-workers because of your ill-tongue. Ensure you talk about things that will improve you in one way or another and those that will pull you back.