Former Starehe Member of Parliament aspirant Steve Mbogo on Friday moved to court seeking to overturn the cancellation of his firearms certificate. 

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Mbogo's lawyer Willis Evans moved to the High Court asking that his client's firearms be returned. 

On February 5, 2019, the Firearms Licencing Board (FLB) informed the flashy legislator that they were to take both his weapons and bullets. 

Through his lawyer, Mbogo claimed that his life was in danger thus wanted the court to direct the FLB to return his 4 guns, bullets and his firearms certificate. 

“The grant leave should operate as stay to stop the implementation of the impugned decision,” reads part of the court documents he presented. 

Mbogo further claimed that the decision by FLB to take his weapons was not well communicated. 

Furthermore, he claimed to be a law abiding citizen who exercises his rights. He also noted that he acquired the firearms according to the Constitution of Kenya. 

“My client applied for the licence of the firearms and was issued with the certificate which has been lawfully renewed since acquisition,” said Evans.

Steve Mbogo publicly displayed his weapons during the Dusit terror attack that happened in Nairobi, where he emerged as one of the civilians to save lives.