Celebrated Kamba gospel singer Stephen Kasolo has advised his fans against mingling with everyone they come across on social media. 

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In a post on his Facebook page, Kasolo popularly known as 'Kitole' noted that not everyone on social media has good motives. 

He pointed out that some are out to spread diseases hence need for one to be cautious. 

"Mungu atupe hekima na ulinzi wake. Sasa nani atanusurika na majanga ya Magonjwa na visanga? (May God protect us. Who will survive from these diseases and problems?) Take care of yourself don't just mingle with everybody you come across on social media😥😥 wengine wako biashara ya kueneza magonjwa (others are in the business of spreading diseases)," Kasolo's post reads in part

It is not clear why the musician cautioned social media users over individuals out to use the platform to spread diseases.

Despite the fact that social media is a great tool for information, it has been misused by some people. 

Some practices which harm others have been started on social media including defamation, sexually predatory, cyberbullying, fraud, loss of privacy among others.

Social media is an open door to many sex predators and many people have fallen victim to the online sexual solicitation where people communicate with others and ask them to meet in person.