Former Kibwezi lawmaker Kalembe Ndile has revealed that he held talks with the mother of Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua regarding the growing hostility between him and the county boss.

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The rivalry between the two emerged after the former Assistant Minister faulted the governor's intrusion into the neighbouring Nairobi County, following Mutua's pledge to personally take care of statues in the city.

Consequently, Ndile has claimed that the governor has been harassing him and has since closed down his hotel in Machakos and also repeatedly arrested his staff, apart from attempting to close down his other buildings.

He says that during their talks, Mutua's mother advised him to kneel before the governor in a bid to save himself, which he said he cannot do.

"We have spoken with his mother. The other day she cried a lot saying we should iron out this issue, that I should kneel before Mutua (Tumeongea na mama yake. Juzi mama yake amelia sana anasema tuongee hii maneno, eti nimpigie Mutua magoti)," he said.

Kalembe made the remarks during an interview on Radio Maisha's Bunge La Maisha on Tuesday morning.

He added that he will equally not give up attempts to reopen the hotel which, he said, has all the required documentation to operate but has been closed down over malicious intentions.

He said that as much as he can wait for Mutua's tenure to end for him to reopen it, he will move to court and is confident of being back in business soon.

"In two years he will not be in power. I can decide to close the hotel for the two years but I cannot because we have laws (Baada ya miaka mbili hatakuwa kwa kiti. Naweza sema nifunge hoteli kwa miaka mbili lakini sitafunga na sharia iko)," he added.

Kalembe claimed that the governor has now shifted attention to his two buildings in Mlolongo.