Soy Member of Parliament Caleb Kositany now says that he will support President Uhuru Kenyatta to be the Prime Minister in 2022 under one condition.

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The condition is if  President Kenyatta will be Prime Minister under the presidency of the Deputy President William Ruto. 

"I don't see if there is any problem when the Deputy President William Ruto will be president and Uhuru Kenyatta Prime Minister. I don't see any problem and we will support it fully," said the Soy MP.

Kositany who spoke to the press in Eldoret town on Friday said this move will unite the country and help it move forward economically and politically.

"As a Kalenjin nation, we voted  for Uhuru Kenyatta 100 per cent  without any conditions. We know the relationship between Uhuru Kenyatta  and his deputy is intact and come 2022, he will support his deputy," added the MP, who is an ally of the Deputy President.

He, however, hit at those against Ruto's presidency come 2022 saying they are prophets of doom and that they will not succeed  in their evil plans.

The first-term MP urged those against  Ruto's presidency to stop using things such as corruption to stop him from contesting, but instead be in the ballot to contest against him.