Police in Nakuru has shot dead one person said to be a notorious gangster in Kwa Rhoda slum.

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Police raided a hide out for a group of criminals after a tip-off from members of the public on Tuesday where the suspect was killed in a hail of bullets.

The deceased’s accomplices were able to escape during the raid.

Police said they had discovered weapons in the house, including knives and daggers as well as property suspected to have been stolen.

Among those found were electronics and gas cylinders.

Nakuru police commander Samuel Obara said a manhunt for those who escaped has been launched.

“We are urging the public to continue giving information to the police to help us arrest those who escaped. About five accomplices are in the public,” Obara said.

Residents said the deceased, together with his accomplices, have been terrorizing them ‘giving the area a bad name’.We have been complaining about these people.

You leave your house and when you return, it has been broken into and everything was stolen.

As a hustler, you remain deeply hurt when you lose the little you have,” Mama Ida Akinyi said.

Kwa Rhoda, Bondeni, Ponda Mali and Gioto are among crime-stricken areas in the South Rift town of Nakuru.