Residents of Kisii town now want immediate action taken over the pollution of River Nyakomisaro.

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Nyakomisaro is a tributary of Riana River and is greatly dependable by residents of Kisii town as it serves them with water for use. Over recent years, the rate of water pollution has been rising, putting the residents at risk.

Some of the residents who spoke to notated that sewage spillage into the river was the main cause of pollution.

Although early this year, the county government had unclogged the manholes along the main sewer line the problem seems to have reoccured.

"We have been stating this for a long time but nothing has been done. The main cause of pollution in this river is the spillage of sewage," Risper Kemunto a businesswoman said.

Furthermore, the river has become the dumping site for most residents around Daraja Mbili. At some point, county workers are accused of collecting waste in the nearby market and dumping it in the river that has now been rendered useless.

"The problem with people around here is ignorance. People dump waste products into the river yet they know how illegal it is. During Tuesdays and Fridays, cleaners of Daraja Mbili market throw the waste into the river after sweeping. The county government should look into this matter," Ronald Mbeche a hawker also said.

Water pollution has negative effects to human beings. It can affect the nervous system, cause yellowing of teeth and affect the spinal cord.