In politics world over, there exists loyalists, sycophants, cowards, detractors and what have you.

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In Kenyan politics and specifically Mt Kenya, these groups of politicians aren't in scarce.

However, here we shall focus on three groups of politicians from Mt Kenya whose allegiance to the region's kingpin President Uhuru Kenyatta borders on either sycophancy, loyalty or cowardice.

With these three groups where the majority of the local leadership belongs, Uhuru is sure to keep the region in check.

In the first two sets, we shall use the names of individual politicians as anecdotes.

1. Ferdinand Waititu

He is the Kiambu governor who was elected on a Jubilee Party ticket on August 8 after he defeated the Kiambu strongman and the then Governor William Kabogo during the Jubilee primaries.

Waititu alias Babayao cannot be termed as a Uhuru loyalist. He is a sycophant by all definitions and descriptions and Uhuru must even be aware of it. The governor will never go against him, even when the Head of State makes unpopular decisions.

The only time he was seen to contradict Uhuru and we all know why, was when he appealed to the national government and the Nairobi County Government to stop demolishing structures built on riparian land. According to him, it was wiser to 'move' rivers than demolish the buildings.

Almost 75 per cent of Mt Kenya leaders belong to this group.

2. David Murathe

He is the immediate former Jubilee Vice Chairman and former Gatanga MP (1997-2002). He is the opposite of Waititu being a Uhuru loyalist.

The difference between a sycophant and a loyalist is that the former adds no value to you as he/she is just like an extension of you and depends on you for continuity or survival in whatever thing that you are a master in.

A loyalist, on the other hand, is valuable to you and both of you are dependent on each other in one way or another.

Back to Murathe, he is known to be a Uhuru trusted ally and confidant. In fact, some say when he speaks, it is like Uhuru himself speaking.

That is why his recent anti-DP Ruto rhetoric is keenly being followed by political analysts to at least get a clue of where Uhuru's stand in the whole matter could be.

Among Mt Kenya politicians, there only exists a handful of Uhuru's loyalists.

3. Mt Kenya Leadership Caucus

As the name suggests, this is a group of politicians from Mt Kenya region who have come under one umbrella with an aim of increasing their bargaining power to push for the region's agenda.

Late last year they convened in a Naivasha hotel where they castigated the President for 'abandoning' the region in terms of development.

A few days later, the President met them in Nyeri ahead of the Karatina market opening where Uhuru is reported to have scolded and lectured them. 

They curled their tails between their legs and as you may have realised on Tuesday, they have since toed the line and are demanding that the President be 'respected'.

This is where around 20 per cent of Mt Kenya leadership belongs.