Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi has said that he will definitely be in the 2022 gubernatorial race but not yet sure of the party he will vie from.

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Maangi who has been making inroads in the county as he looks forward to publicizing his bid, he openly said that he will be on the ballot on 2022 but he is not yet sure of the party he will vie from.

In a personalised interview with Citizen TV, Maangi revealed that it is an era of handshake where Jubilee diehard have now moved to ODM and ODM members moving to Jubilee. He also said how meticulous he is in observing the trend in politics to see the party that will survive in 2022.

"I am definitely going to run for Governor in 2022 but as for the party my friend... IG you look at Kenya today, which party can you be sure that it will be there in 2022? Right now we have people in Jubilee supporting ODM, we have people in ODM supporting Jubilee, you saw this in Kibra," he said.

"This is the era of the handshake and we don't know which parties will be there in 2022. We are waiting to see," Maangi added.