Churches play a crucial role in moulding the society morally and spiritually.

Freedom of worship in Kenya has given room for the emergence of many churches.

Leaders of some of these churches who are expected to be role models and lead by example have been found in wrong sides of the law and in controversies.

These are some of the 'men of God' who have been involved in controversies.

1.Prophet David Owour

Repentance and Holiness Ministry leader  Dr David Owour known by his followers as the "Mighty prophet of God" is not new to controversies. 

He has been accused of stage managing his miracles by his critics. 

The latest controversy was the accusation from a family of Jane Njagi who accused Owour of brainwashing their daughter while cutting off her access to her family, the family further accused the ministry of occupying their daughter's property and personalising her bank accounts.

Prophet Owour also got himself castrated after Mama Rosa, the woman who he "resurrected" succumbed to death again.

2.Victor Kanyari Mwangi

His name is common to kenyans' ears. A pastor and a televangelist, his theatrics in holy altar were unearthed by KTN media personality Mohammed Ali of "Jicho pevu".

He is known for asking his followers to plant a seed of ksh 310  after which they are assured miracles.

3.Pastor James Ng'ang'a 

James Ng'ang'a of Neno Evangelism Ministry is littered with controversies.

He came to the limelight after his car knocked and killed a woman pedestrian along Nairobi-Nakuru road.

He has also been charged for threatening Citizen TV personality Linus Kaikai for allegedly sensitizing people against fake pastors and ministries that are taking advantage of them.