As he continues to assemble his political machinery to springboard his presidential ambitions ahead of the 2022 election, Deputy President William Ruto faces a headache with some of his trusted lieutenants literally disappearing from the political circles.

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Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar who dumped Wiper Party for Jubilee formation in 2017 became one of the high-profile opposition figures to be lured into the Ruto political bandwagon. However, nearly two years later, the former Wiper Secretary-General has slowly become a little of a liability to the DP as his continued absence from the political space is most likely going to affect his political game plan.

With Mombasa firmly under the control of Governor Hassan Joho, the man who was supposed to water down the influence of the ODM deputy party leader is nowhere to be seen. His absence remains a mystery. 

So, is Omar still Ruto's main man in Mombasa? Is his political silence a strategy? Is he planning to ambush his political opponents when the right time comes? And should Ruto start shopping for a new man to bankroll his political manoeuvres in Mombasa? 

Whatever Omar's political game plan is remains a mystery. However, for the DP, the man keen to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta, maybe, he may have to act accordingly, and if possible, dump the former Senator as soon as possible.