If you are a believer, you must have heard your religious leaders saying we were made in the image and likeness of God. 

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If you resemble the most-high God, then who are you to question your looks? 

How should one's opinion have a negative impact on your body? 

If you don't love your body well enough then no one will, so get up and do what is necessary, which includes the following:

1. Accept what cannot be changed

Some of your body features cannot be changed. 

If you think your eyes are too big, you won't get smaller ones of your choice or take them for repair. 

The best thing is to accept them the way they are and move on. By doing so, you will love yourself better.

2. Work towards changing what can change

Some of your body features could be turning into what you hate because you are not checking your diet, you are not having enough rest or exercising at all. 

Take bold steps and change what is possible to change. 

A flat tummy can be achieved if you don't find your current look attractive. Just put in some efforts.

3. Process people's opinions constructively

Don't just consume everything said about your body because you are not able to change what people think and say about it.

Just learn how to process and digest what they say. 

Their words will not have a negative impact if you process everything effectively.