Despite the internal wrangles that led to the exit of a few members of its original lineup and the death of its lead singer Osongo Omosongo that could have stamped its cessation, Sungusia band still remains as Gusii's best Benga music band.

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Personalities such as Benard Onsongo (the late), Momanyi Kenyatta, Job Mayenga, Joseph Nyakweba alias Kwasa Kwasa, Makambo, Nicholas Nyakundi, Jephter Nyamosi, Nyakang'o , Ken Amisi alias the rock and the late Omorendire all formed the original lineup of the genuinely talented group that worked hard to craft the now trademark name Sungusia.

In his prime, Onsongo Omosongo the bandmaster, known for the success of the band, is behind the sounds of the numerous records that have kept their lustre to date.

But how did this musical group evolve completely in their music that little has been done in Benga music by other rival bands in Gusii to ever equal or surpass the heights reached by this band? Here is why;

1. Originality in their songs

Arguably, Sungusia is the most innovative Benga music band of our time in Gusii region that has recorded songs that have fantastic melodies and even lyrics.

Their instrumentation, timbre, rhythm, meter and phrasing is so peculiar, making their songs listenable and unforgettable.

Tracks such as 'Mr Sungusia', 'My Boss', 'Mokoyone',Ekemangurume to name but a few, touch on a listener's emotions making them so memorable.

2. Dedication to their craft of singing

If you keenly listen to Sungusia band's songs, you'll conclude that all the band members are obsessed with music.

With how they execute the different roles, from the lead singer, guitarists, drummer and the backup singer, one can establish that they all reinforce the interests of the band.

For instance, in his prime, Bernard Onsongo, lived, breathed, and existed through Sungusia band's music. 

3. Talent

Sungusia band's mix of talent, masterful at their genre and able to make songs that stick out with the culture at the time, has contributed to its success and the now mass level fame.

In his prime in the band, Onsongo was a great soloist and a clever storyteller through the songs. He knew how to engage the emotions of his listeners.

The late Omorendire was a great drummer. Joseph Nyakweba alias Kwasa kwasa, who is a great singer and composer, has since decamped the group for his solo debuts. The rest of the crew make a creative team of instrumentalists who create catchy tunes that augment the band's signature style. In short, each band member plays a unique role that reinforces the music band's interests.