The Kenyan top leadership is naked and is unknowingly leading the country in the wrong direction, University of Nairobi Professor Herman Manyora has claimed.

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Manyora, also a political commentator, believes that most of the national challenges being faced by Kenyans are as a result of bad advice being offered to the leaders.

Likening them to the king who walked naked, thinking that he was wearing the best suit, Manyora faulted their advisers for praising them despite them not doing enough for Kenyans.

According to Manyora, it's time the people surrounding the nation's leadership became honest with the officeholders and told them that Kenyans on the ground are suffering.

"The people around the leadership of this country are not telling the leadership the truth. This country is hurting and the citizens are going through pain that can be avoided," Manyora said on his YouTube channel.

The analyst challenged those close to those in power to be honest with them regarding the worsening economy, youth unemployment, poverty and hunger menace.

He echoed the same sentiments concerning parliament and other state offices, where, according to him, nobody seems to care about the suffering Kenyans.

"All the institutions of government are headed by people who are naked and nobody is telling them. The parliament is naked. It's surprising that with the suffering Kenyans are going through, at any point there will be dozens of MPs roaming the world bench-marking," Manyora added.